Historical SMR Kickstarter Released

This is a historic moment for us: The Kickstarter campaign to help fund the film Sensitive Men Rising is officially up! The momentum has been building on social media (which I avoid), but now in my mind it is really public, with a beautiful website. At the start there...

Luke Goss: A Sensitive Man

If there is a man on this planet that understands the heavy hand of MAN, it’s action movie star Luke Goss. Luke Goss, a well-known British actor, is an HSP who has come up the hard way. He believes that masculinity can be realized in a way that allows men to be quiet...

The Woman Who Discovered The Sensitive Trait

Behind every great man is always a great loved one; behind every sensitive man is Elaine Aron Ph.D. Dr. Elaine Aron discovered the highly sensitive trait, found in 20%-30% of the world’s population, and published an international best-seller: The Highly Sensitive...


Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary is putting out an S.O.S.! No message in the sand here for help; rather, Strong, Optimistic, and Sensitive people (and others) are invited to help us in creating a collective of empathetic, passionate, and creative souls to...

William Allen, Sensory Intelligence

William Allen, Sensory Intelligence

We are now at a critical phase of the history of humankind. Saddled to the yoke of a form of masculinity that has exploited the earth for centuries, men, women and children of all races, creeds and cultures have suffered injustices too innumerable to count. We are at...

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