Soborno Isaac Bari, the 11-year-old Math Professor

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August 31, 2022

American Psychologist Ph.D. and the international best-selling author of the Highly Sensitive Person Elaine Aron writes, “What could we need more right now than people who think carefully, feel deeply, notice the subtle details, and end up having the big picture?”

Soborno Isaac Bari is an 11-year-old brilliant boy. He also processes information deeply, is empathic, and is sensitive to subtleties. He started showing exceptional skills and showing signs of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) when he was just one year old and at 6 was solving higher mathematics and physics problems easily. This 2020 child prodigy nominee is also known as the ‘Einstein of our time.’

In 2018, when Soborno was just 6 years old, he was recognized as a scientist by Harvard University. After he won the Child Prodigy Award as a scientist, Ruia College of Mumbai University appointed him as a scientist and visiting professor of Physics. He is an 11-year-old professor who is a Bengali-American prodigy. He is now considered the youngest professor in the world.

After an informal interview with Soborno, the Sensitive Men Rising’s director, Will Harper, invited him to have a digital Zoom gathering with a handful of scientists, psychologists, and other sensory processing sensitivity boys and men. The topic was “Can masculinity evolve out of its present state and transform into a higher state of consciousness creating the quintessential MALE example of a global citizen?”

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