Luke Goss: A Sensitive Man

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August 31, 2022

If there is a man on this planet that understands the heavy hand of MAN, it’s action movie star Luke Goss.

Luke Goss, a well-known British actor, is an HSP who has come up the hard way. He believes that masculinity can be realized in a way that allows men to be quiet or “grizzly.” To Luke, we can be athletic, rugged, and strong without being toxic; TOXIC is not synonymous with masculinity! Luke’s acting career has seen him portray aggressive, aggravated tough cops and lethal guys in his day job. His sensitivity, however, dominates his inner core; Luke Goss has been, as we all are, highly sensitive since birth. He processes information deeply, he is empathetic – feels the experiences of others. He gets overwhelmed by arrogance and real-life disrespectful toxic people. He is very sensitive to subtleties, a quality that enables him to be a prolific creative artist! Luke loves and cherishes his sensitive trait and loves the notion of Redefining Masculinity.

Luke is prepared to do the heavy lifting with Sensitive Men Rising. This clip offers you a snapshot of Luke Goss, the HSP.

#TheGeniusofSensitivity #Sensitive #HSP #RedefiningMasculinity

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