Historical SMR Kickstarter Released

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October 28, 2022

This is a historic moment for us: The Kickstarter campaign to help fund the film Sensitive Men Rising is officially up!

The momentum has been building on social media (which I avoid), but now in my mind it is really public, with a beautiful website. At the start there is a “teaser” (can’t do a trailer until a film is finished). It’s 12 minutes, but while the first two minutes give you a good feel, I suspect you will watch it all, it is so good.

That’s Will Harper’s brilliant work. You will recognize his style from Sensitive, the Untold Story, which moved our trait into the mainstream, right there on Amazon and Apple TV to watch. Now we want to shine the same glorious light on sensitive men.

Will Harper and his team have worked tirelessly, with very little money, to move the film this far. Now it is up to all of us to support him so that he can bring it on home!!!

If you think about it, this film could have a significant impact. We really need sensitive men in full view, supported by this beautiful documentary, so they can take on the world.

Happy to be with you at this special time,

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