Sensitive – The Digital Town Hall Gathering

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August 30, 2022

Sensitive – The Digital Town Hall Gathering brought together an international panel of passionate men and women (all HSPs or HSS/HSPs) from around the world to discuss the pressing issues Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary might address to bring light to this often-hidden genetic trait and its potentialities.

As you might expect from a group of self-aware and socially conscious professionals, advocates, healers, educators, and creatives, the discussion was far-ranging yet grounded in a heart for seeing the film enter the public consciousness to help alter the course of humankind for the betterment of ALL!

Most poignantly stated by Diane Keough, it’s not enough to simply know that we are men who are more receptive to inputs from the internal and external environments and able to register, process, and respond to new information, the important part is that such men DO SOMETHING with their abilities to address real-world issues like domestic violence, anger and violence in men, and many other systemic, economic, and social inequities that greatly impact our world today and tomorrow.

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