The First All Men’s Heightened Sensitivity Summit

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August 30, 2022

2019 brought us an unprepared global community faced with an unpredictable pandemic, the unprecedented world terror of Covid 19. It was also the year of the 1st annual All Men’s Heightened Sensitivity summit event. It too was going to be a major global event for the two billion sensitive people who have the innate trait of sensory processing sensitivity. Our sensitive director, Will Harper, traveled halfway around the world to begin filming the event for his new upcoming film, Sensitive Men Rising. Instead, he was sent scrambling back to his wife before the world virtually shut down.

Despite his dilemma, the show went on with Dr.’s Elaine and Arthur Aron, facilitator John Hughes, and a room full of sensitive wayfarers, who weathered the three-day event before hightailing it home. The event will never be forgotten as it was a feast and famine duality, where all HELL would break loose for the world and at the same time a group of men would become responsible for changing the hope and trajectory for masculinity everywhere. Watch the video clip of this historical event in our Vlog section.

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