Why Is There A Need To Redefine Masculinity?

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August 31, 2022

Sensitive Men Rising’s mission is to educate and emancipate ALL sensitive men, but is not a film that bashes other men or the sometimes-toxic behaviors they exhibit. Rather, we seek to present sensitive men as Strong-Optimistic-Sensitive, or S.O.S.!!!

All of us are cut from the same basic physiological imprint, but parenting, cultural imprinting, and the way we come to view life has lasting effects. We need a deep cleaning on the masculinity issue to highlight those who have been wounded by others while trying to heal themselves. Sensitive Men Rising is not here to blame and shame — that is a lame notion. We are here to feel, heal and reveal the potential in redefining masculinity! This effort is the responsibility of ALL people.

We sensitive men have stepped up to lead with emotional intelligence, heart, and faith that our example will SPARK a real discussion of what manhood may become!

#SensitiveMenRising #Sensitive #HSP #RedefiningMasculinity

Link: https://fb.watch/apmIlu6CR2/

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